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Organic Methods Of Dealing With Fungus Gnats

Insects play a major role in any ecosystem. In the environment, everything has its place, and for insects, it is outdoors. Fungus gnats are one of those insects that every that anyone would not welcome into their living rooms. The good thing with these insects is that they cannot harm you or your pet. However, the moment you find them swarming on your garden or plants, you need to get rid of them.

What are fungus gnats?mosquito

Fungus gnats are insects that like more or less like little mosquitos. The adults are harmless, while their larvae can cause significant damage to plants. In most instances, these flies are attracted to your garden by ripening fruits and beer and juice cans. Ideally, the attracted by the essence of fermentation and dampness in drains. They are weak fliers and tend to remain stationary unless when disturbed.

A female fungus gnat can lay up to 300 eggs, which become larvae after three or four days. These larvae feed the roots of plants. Consequently, this stresses the plants and makes them susceptible to infections because of these openings. In most instances, you will notice some signs of wilting and declining health in the plant’s health.

Getting Rid Of Gnats

There are many ways once can deal with the infestation of fungus gnats. First, you need to confirm whether they are indeed fungus gnats or fruit flies. From there, you can adopt preventive measures by eliminating conditions that favor them. Avoid over watering plants, ensure your drainage systems are okay and clean up piles of compost or soil.

fungusEliminating gnats

Besides using preventive measures, you also need to eliminate fungus gnats. When it comes to how to get rid of fungus gnats, one can employ beneficial nematodes to destroy fungus gnats. The good this with using nematodes is that they are a sustainable way of dealing with these pests. Since they are just like other insects, you can have them working for many months since they replicate naturally.

Use of beneficial nematodes is highly regarded when it comes to dealing with fungus gnats. If you intend to use them, the best way to go about it by getting them from a garden store. This way, you not only get any other nematode but a species that will deal with the infestation comprehensively. As you spread them out, purpose to adhere to the instructions given the use of the nematodes.